Monday, December 12, 2011

Bedrock / Rockhead

Bedrock is consolidated rock lying underneath the surface of our Earth. Above the bedrock is usually broken and weathered unconsolidated rock called rockhead.

The presented sculpture lays as bedrock to my consciousness and thoughts on my history. The bedrock becomes drilled or excavated in geological procedures, which is a reference to the strenuous making of this bed and the preciosity that is now detailed within the added glass pieces. As a metaphor, the bedrock explains these memories physically (the making of the object) and mentally or emotionally (the psyche while making). The 64 panes of glass sandwiched with 64 still frames balancing on the middle of the woven bed reference the amount of minutes in the found film in which the sound is played from on a continuous loop. This part of the sculpture references the rockhead, worn and windswept but now a metaphor for what is gone and through the present-- preserved...much like the activity in saving both bedrock and rockhead.

I want to hold these memories and let them balance as rock on top of rock; I believe this is a simulation that details my consciousness for the past (found movie of my family and I, c. 2003), present (the current manifested sculpture), and what or where these pieces and thoughts may go to in the future.