Monday, March 19, 2012


SUN BOXES CRAIG COLORUSSO // University of West Florida 3.06-3.08.12 from TAG UWF on Vimeo.

Ethereal Sound Sculptures by artist Craig Colorusso.The Sun Boxes play a prerecorded sound file, modulted by the specifics of the sun ray/heat received by the attached solar panels. Colorusso says:
"The coolest reaction, is when people say Sun Boxes have altered the space. The piece allows space to slow down and see all the things that unfold over time. The volume is loud enough to engulf the participants but with enough space to allow for ambient sounds of the landscape to enter the mix. Traffic, bird sounds, wind, dogs barking, people talking even an ambulance, all these things are presented in a musical context with Sun Boxes.

The idea has also taken the form of a vinyl release and an app that makes shifting soundscapes with networked smart phones.

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  1. This was really cool, I'm pretty sure i saw this instillation at Artscape last summer.